• Telescopic Lifter 3D Design

    Telescopic Lifter 3D Design

    Telescopic lifter Telescopic lifter Solidwork 3D design Screw: 150mm 3-stage telescope Final stroke: 450mm Servo/stepper motor control Prototype load test: up to 10kg My Paypal: ph.thuc@gmail.com Price: 5 (USD) Note: send via email to admin@mwork.group, so we can confirm and send this design to you.  

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  • PoKeys57E + Breakout Board

    PoKeys57E + Breakout Board

    Board mở rộng cho bộ điều khiển PoKeys57E dùng cho các ứng dụng CNC.

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  • Linear Actuator mLA.16.LS16

    Linear Actuator mLA.16.LS16

    PARAMETERS Adaptive motor 57/86 Step motor – 100/200/400W servo motor (motor not included) Ballscrew diameter (mm) ɸ16 – C7 Ballscrew Pitch (mm) 5-10-16-20 Linear Shaft ɸ16 * 2 Linear Bearing LM16UU * 2 Max speed 1000 mm/s (depend on motor speed and ball screw pitch Max handling weight (kg) 30 kg (based on ball screw […]

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  • Ix Scara

    Scara IX NNN8020

    Bộ điều khiển XSEL IX NNN8020

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  • Mecanum Wheel

    Mecanum Wheel

    The angle between rollers axis and central wheel could have any value but in the case of conventional Swedish wheel it is 45”.The angled peripheral rollers translate a portion of the force in the rotational direction of ht wheel to a force normal to the wheel direction .Depending on each individual wheel direction and speed,the […]

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  • Cross roller bearing – RU66

    Cross roller bearing – RU66

    RU crossed roller bearing is inner and outer ring integrated type. The RU series crossed roller bearing  do not require a fixing flange and base because they have been machined. In addition, since the integrated inner and outer ring structure with the seat is used, the mounting has almost no effect on the performance, so […]

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  • Ultratronics Pro V1.0

    Ultratronics Pro V1.0

    Reference Ultratronics Pro v1.0 | 3D printing experts | reprap.world

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  • ODrive – BLDC motor driver

    ODrive – BLDC motor driver

    Reference: https://odriverobotics.com/shop/odrive-v36

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  • Turnigy MultiStar 9235-100KV BLDC motor

    Turnigy MultiStar 9235-100KV BLDC motor

    KV(RPM/V): 100 Max Power: 2800W Max Amps: 57A No Load Current: 1.0A @ 10v Internal Resistance: 0.055ohm Dimensions(Dia.xL): 92 x 39mm Motor Shaft: 3mm Prop Shaft: 33mm hole to hole for bolt through style props Weight: 674g (each) Bolt Hole Spacing: 40mm Suggested Propeller: 30 x 8.0

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  • Lichuan Driver LCDA4 18C302
  • Lichuan LCMT-18L02ZB

    Lichuan LCMT-18L02ZB

    1.8KW 6Nm AC Servo Motor with Brake
    Nema42 110mm Frame+Matched
    Servo Driver Support RS232/RS485 Communication 3000RPM Servo Set

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  • Spinea TS80-97 TB-P8 Cycloidal Reducer
  • PoKeys57E


    Bộ điều khiển CNC PoKeys57E Ethernet là một thiết bị Ethernet dễ sử dụng, kết hợp nhiều đầu vào và đầu ra, và không yêu cầu kiến ​​thức lập trình phức tạp.

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  • iHSV60-30-40-48


    Nema 24   400W  Integrated AC Servo Motor  iHSV60-30-40-48

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  • iHSV60-30-40-48 SC (Có Thắng)

    iHSV60-30-40-48 SC (Có Thắng)

    Nema 24 with  400W , Integrated AC Servo Motor  iHSV60-30-40-48-SC. Rated speed: 3000RPM +/- 10% , torque: 1.27N.m and current: 11.2+/-1A

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  • MIT Robot Dog high torque

    MIT Robot Dog high torque

    HT-03-MIT – Không có Driver

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