iHSV60-30-40-48 SC (Có Thắng)

Nema 24 with  400W , Integrated AC Servo Motor  iHSV60-30-40-48-SC. Rated speed: 3000RPM +/- 10% , torque: 1.27N.m and current: 11.2+/-1A

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unloaded speed: 4200RMP+/-10% and  current: 1.2+/- 0.2A

Rated speed: 3000RPM +/- 10% , torque: 1.27N.m and current: 11.2+/-1A

Max torque: 3.5N.m

Torque coefficient:  0.082N.m/A

Phase resistance:0.53ohm and phase inductance: 0.6mH

Power: 400W and Weight: 1.6kg


Input voltage 24~50VDC(36V typical value )
Continuous output current 6A
Maximum pulse frequency 250K
Default rate 9.6Kbps(Required external conversion interface)
protect ▸Peak value of over current action value 30A + 10%

▸Overload I2t current action value of 150% 5S

▸Overheating action value of 80

▸Overvoltage action value 65V

▸Action value of under voltage voltage 18V

Use environment occasion As far as possible to avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
working temperature 0~+70℃
Storage temperature -20℃~+80℃
humidity 40~90%RH
Cooling mode Natural cooling or forced air cooling

Microstep Resolution Setting:

The micro steps setting is in the following table,while SW1、SW2、SW3、SW4 are all on,the internal default micro steps inside is activate,it can set by our servo software.


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